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645 nm 660 nm 670 nm 680 nm 780 nm 850 nm 850 nm 870 nm 910 nm 940 nm 1050 nm Single-Color Visible LEDs (405 - 680 nm)

Product Details
Place of Origin:South Korea
Brand Name:epitex USHIO
Certification:Rohs SGS
Model Number:L645-35M32
Payment & Shipping Terms
Min Order:10pcs
Price:USD 1.00
Delivery Time:1-2 weeks
Payment Terms:In aliexpress payment
Supply Ability:1000Kpcs
Application:> Disinfection And Sterilization > Purification (water, Air) Field > Anti Fake Identification > Biological And Medical > Optical Instruments > Photocatalytic Reactions > Fluorescent Substance Detection
Material:TO CAN Metal
Features:The LED Light Color Better, Even Centralized Spot, No Noise, No Dark Shadows
Pulse laser diode with drive Pulse laser diode with Collimating lens Pulse laser diode with Optical fiber Multi wavelength integrated LED + multi chip integrated high power LED + parallel LED + optical fiber ...
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Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)

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